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Your Learning Facility

Our facility serves all ages from middle school students, high school students, college students, and even adults looking to go back to school for online college, resume writing, and computer literacy training.


We are your one-stop-shop for all your educational needs.

We believe that students both young and old learn best in a blended learning environment. This is similar to the work place where many people are working on different things to accomplish one goal. In our case the goal is learning.

Who needs GO VIRTUAL?


People that need...

  • Learning coaches for online learning (middle/high/college levels)
  • Homework club (group support for homework)
  • Copy/Print/Fax Services
  • Teen nights with a focus on video game play and movies
  • Comfortable environment for HI-SPEED Wi Fi Access (Daily, weekly or monthly rate)
  • Computer Repair



What does Blended Learning look like?


When you walk into the front doors of Go Virtual it is normal to see many different things going on. You may find a 6th grader working on a study guide for the next unit test and a 9th grader attending a online math tutoring session with his teacher. On the other side of the room you could find a college student working with a a Learning Guide on MLA format and how to develop a thesis statement for a research paper, and even an adult receiving assistance in building a resume for the workforce. All of these different activities will be going on simultaneously. Everyone one is working towards the same goal of education.  The Blended Learning Model allows for students of all ages to dive into material and learn real life application of skills that will make him/her successful in all educational endeavors. Students are able to work on what they need at the pace they can learn, instead of a preset time block where an instructor is talking for an hour. The focus is on the individual, instead of the group.

Our Approach

We believe that tutoring should have a  measurable goal. We start with a consultation to assess what goals the client wishes to achieve. After a series of tutoring sessions, we end with a final consultation to assign new goals.

What exactly is Blended Learning?


Blended Learning is an innovation within education that blends the traditional   school facility (brick-and-mortar) with the expansive learning capabilities from online. Blended Learning shifts the responsibility and control from the instructor to the student in regards to time, place, path, and even pace. The student is able to quickly pass over the skills that he or she is comfortable with, and put a stronger emphasis on the skills that need to be developed.

Traditional schools and education focus on delivery to a large group where the instructor deems the appropriate amount of time spent on a task, method for delivery, and pace for all students.Students who know the material, may become bored; while other students who are unclear with the  instruction, fall behind missing key-foundational building blocks in the process. Blended Learning ensures that the individual student is equipped for the skills that will aid in successful learning and application.